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This firm was founded by three partners who collectively have more than one hundred years of experience representing irrigation districts, canal companies, farmers, ranchers and other industries in environmental, construction, hydropower, mining, and land use practices law, including state and federal legislation and regulation. Our lawyers seek to reach reasonable resolution of disputes wherever possible, but when that cannot be accomplished our office has substantial experience in the courtroom and will litigate those matters that cannot be otherwise resolved. We have also assisted clients in the process of revising or proposing new legislation before the Idaho legislature, working closely with the Idaho Water Users Association, other trade groups, and lobbying firms. Please contact us at either of our office locations to discuss how our practice may be of assistance to you.

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The Ninth Circuit Limits the Irrigation Return Flow Exception in the Clean Water Act

On September 6, 2019, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision in Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations v. Glaser. Glaser involved the Central Valley Project, the largest federal water management project in the nation, and the Grasslands Bypass Project, a tile drainage system that consists of a network of perforated drain laterals underlying farmlands in California’s Central Valley that catch irrigated water containing selenium and other pollutants and directs the water to surrounding surface waters.

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Barker Rosholt & Simpson LLP is a proud member of the Environmental Law Network (ELN), the first environmental law firm network that makes local environmental legal representation available nationwide. ELN has a network of more than 250 environmental attorneys who share ideas, information, experiences and contacts to increase the value of legal representation for the respective clients. For more information concerning ELN visit elnonline.com.

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